Campus Infrastructure

The Splendid grand and sprawling building of the school in its mellowed green tones with trailing vines and creepers oon its porch gives it a unique characteristic of its own. All conceivable requirements for imparting quality education have been duly taken care of through facilities outlined below:
The school has two libraries-One for the seniors (Classes VI to X) and the other for the juniors (Classes-II to V). They are well-furnished and well stocked with a very rich collections of books on all subjects to meet the varied needs of staff and students. We also subscribe to a large number of magazines, journals and newspapers. Through services provided by qualified librarians and the inclusion of a compulsory Library period in the time table for all classes, it is sought to inulcate the habit of reading amongst our students.
There are three spacious and well planned laboratries for the three main disciplines i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They are fully equiped not only as per the requirements of the affiliating body but have a number of aditional facilities for investigation projects. Visual display of chart and models, shining non-corrosive table tops, copious supply of expedable and non-expendable stores and above all the guidance offered by well qualified and experienced teachers and laboratory assistants stimulate interest in science amongst the student result in a very high standard of achievement.
Computer education is an integral part of the school curiculum. Well-planned Computer education programmes have been introduced for students from class IV upwards. Two spacious air Conditioned Laboratories equipped with one dozen latest computer which are always kept in excellent state of maintenance, the availability of a large variety of software and computer literature and above all our excellent team of computer science teachers provide a conducive environment for teaching-learning of this discipline. A multimedia centre for classes KG to III works well, throughuse of computers.
The facilities provided could be the envy of the best of schools. There are independent well-furnished and well equipped rooms for vocal, Intrumental, western Music and Dance which are taught as art forms under experienced and reputed artist engaged to teach them. Requisite musical intruments have been provided.
It provides the right environment and motivation for our students to develop and express their creativity. The students’ work on display boards outside the classrooms bears testimony to their interest in the subject.
A well equipped room is yet another attraction for tiny tots. A large variety of toys which serve educational purpose are provided to the children so that they receive their first lessions to work and play together.
The school can boast of an excellent Play School with swings, see-saws, climbing ladders, merry-go-round, duckpool etc. It is a joy for any child to play in this play school.
The school has a spacious play field with facilities for major team games such as Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball etc. Our children are getting coaching from well qualified coaches of Basketball, Table-Tennis, Volleyball and cricket.
The school has a roof-top stereophonically equipped hall with all facilities like PA System, TV, VCR, OHP etc. We also have an open air theatre with a large covered stage provided with green rooms and all other facilities required for the production of major shows.