Academics Details

Courses of Study
St. Joseph’s High School is a full fledged secondary school with classes from Pre-Nursery (Play) to X. It prepares the students for the secondary school certificate examinations held by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) . The medium of instruction is English.
The academic year is from April to March and is divided into three terms: (a) Term – I (b) Term – II (c) Term – III
Nursery Department & Play School
Our Nursery section provides excellent physical conditions, adequate space, equipments and activities for active form of play through which small children are exposed to the kind of sensory and pre-learning experiences thar are necessary to prepare them for reading, counting and writing. Besides this, it is also endeavoured to bring about physical, social and emotional development of the child through Playway method.
The Nursery and prep children are not burdened with any formal teaching and are allowed to learn in free atmosphere. Through enjoyable activities like singing, music, dancing, listening to stories, handling different types of materials, spashing colours on paper, playing with toys individually as well as collectively and role playing, Our little once develop their listening and speaking skills, muscle-mind coordination, creativity and aesthetic sense.
Group activities give them first lessions in social adjustment and emotional control. Well qualified teachers alongwith ayahs in attendance ensure that our children also imbibe good habits and confidence and learn to communicate in English which is the medium of instruction in the school.
Class Teacher System in Junior Classes
We have class teacher system in class I to III in which the concerned class teacher handles at least 3 subjects in the same class. This prevents compartmentalization of subjects and gives a holistic approach to any topic that she takes up in class. She can make the children appreciate and correlate the different subjects from time to time.
She can pay special attention to the weaker children and help them out individually. Above all she can develop other skills in Language, Mathematics, Science as well as Social science.
To inculcate language skills, ours being an English medium school spoken English is emphasized to a great extent. Stories are told, dramatized and drilled so that children learn new words and enrich their vocabulary in a play-way manner. Recitations are taken up with action. Rhythm is enjoyed by the little ones to the utmost, with all this taken into consideration, the understanding and general comprehension of the children is enhanced. It is a pleasure to hear the children using new words when have something personal to narrate.
Academic and Co-Curricular Activities
The school ensures that the prescribed curriculum is transacted most effectively through use of educational technology and various subject teachers are kept constantly up-to-date through in-service training, refresher courses and seminars etc.
In order to bring about multifaceted development of student’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral and aesthetic, the academic programmes are supplemented with well planned co-curricular activities in which a wide range of interhouse competitions are organised. Some of the facilities offered are as under:
  • Dance-Folk and classical
  • Music-vocal, Instrumental and western
  • Art and Craft
  • Communication skills-Debates, Declamation, Education, Extempore speches etc., in English, Hindi and Urdu, Quiz competitions.
  • Dramatics
  • Gardening
  • Martial arts-Taekwondo
  • Games and sports-excellent facilities are provided for Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Football, Kho-Kho, Athletics atc.
The school has a system of continuous and compshensivere assesment. There are cycles of unit tests and terminal examinations including the final. Due weightage is given to house/class assignments and projects also. Students are promoted on the basis of the cumulative performance in the academic year.
The parents are kept apprised of the progress of their wards through regular parent teacher meetings organised in every term.