Message for the founder


You should be happy that, school is fully equipped to receive you with commitment to make you a more useful member of society. Your firm decision to join this school deservers my compliments.

It is my opinion, however, it is imperative for educators to review the role of education from time to time and to ensure that it meets the needs of the changing society. In today’s scanario, it is important to view education as a tool that assits students to cope with life and hence it is important to incorporate into education, aspects that humanize the process. I am glad to note the vistas of education, personality assesment and the humanistic aspect of technology.

I believe the essence of education, therefore is to educate the children and equip them thus that thus learn to educate themseves. I am proud that in today’s changing world, we at St. Joseph’s in requisite measure, teach our children the maturity of judgement, to handle challenges of growing up and working in a world where skills are as important as knowledge, where success emanates from a solid foundation.

Now, with your good decision to join this school together we shall leap forward to scale newer heights.

St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School